Black Moms Do Breastfeed

Today is bitter sweet, I am officially done “pumping “ at work…phew…that’s hard work! But it will still be awhile before I am completely done nursing as my baby boy turns 1 tomorrow 9-12-19!

I have nursed my son a full entire year and as a working mom( working full time) I pumped at work and nursed him when we are at home. Now that is dedication !

Kam (Kameron) is my third and last baby. I didn’t nurse my oldest as I was just a baby myself (19) and I was not interested at all.

But as a older more wiser mom (38) I loved nursing my son, knowing exactly what’s going in that extremely cute body. Not having to wash any dang bottles and not having to wait to either “knock the chill off” or actually heat up a bottle, ugh!

Just “Whip out” that big ‘ol boob, and give that baby some “Boob Juice” , I’ll take it any day over formula . Not to say formula hasn’t saved my life on the weeks when my supply tanked because of my period, ugh!

The struggle is real…breastfeeding is hard and a huge commitment. For the the most part, as long as I wasn’t on my period, I had just enough to feed my son at daycare while I worked, but when I came home, he was all mine as “your” the only 1 who can give him Boob Juice.

Big shot out to the products that helped me maintain my supply…herbal tea, Vitamin water and “Let there be Milk” supplement and “Lactation Support” supplement.

He’s a Big Boy!! 1st Birthday, success!

Happy Birthday too you, Happy Birthday tooo you🎼🎼, so my baby, my last child and my first and only son is one!! Birthday party done on a budget, a success!!

I love throwing a party or a get together… although they can be very expensive, now a days. But I think we did a great job with what we had in the budget.

Majority of his decorations where done by hand, ain’t nooo body trying to spend a ton of money, then turn around and toss it right in the garbage…not over here, lol.

I found a super cute invitation on my absolute fav site for stationary type of things We then found coordinating pieces on I purchased the temples, had them printed at Office Depot, if we had a home office or even a printer, it would have saved even more $$.

So once those were printed, we cut, hole punched and strung ribbon through them. We made banners, a welcome sign and I mounted a chalkboard of my boys stats.

We saved a ton of money on balloons, by just blowing them up ourselves and using streamers to make cuuttee designs.

The cake is where we didn’t skimp…Our cake was ADORABLE, curtesy of !!!

For food, we ordered pizzas 🍕, my mom made her famous pasta salad, and I made my bomb ass bbq wings. So without further ado, check out Kam’s 1st Birthday!!

Welcome sign, mounted on poster board, and twine glued to back for the hook.

Dollar store streamers & balloons
Gift bag centerpiece, bags & tissue paper from Dollar store
3 tier bday cake (front)
Rear view
Cupcake (smash cake)

So I’m a Blogger now?!

What am I doing? Am I really doing this? I guess so, since I’ve created this website. I’m kind of at a lost for words. I had all this stuff to talk about and now I’m scared to write, blog….blog, wow, I’m a beginner blogger 😬…here goes nothing/well not really, I am gonna blog.

I feel like, I’m always talking, or have tons of ideas/input…but sometimes or most of the time it’s kind of hard for me to actually speak/say what’s on my mind, so blogging should be a good fit.

Maybe if people actually saw/read what I was thinking it would come out exactly how it’s supposed to…and not offend or start something, who knows…. I’m kind of getting excited because I have lots to say.

I used to write stores, when I was really really young. I would read them to my family and have pictures along with my stories that I had written. I remember my Papa would always ask if I had written any good books lately, when he and my Nana would see us.

I’m not sure why I stopped writing or why it was just limited to my fictional stories with characters. Why didn’t I go into journalism or become a famous author of some sort… a famous African American woman author or better yet publisher.

Instead I went into science and work for the largest hospital system in my state . I love science and I love what I do, but I do not fill it’s my passion.

Soo I’m giving writing a second chance. This is my very first post…how did I do?